Monday, January 30, 2006

Pair of Hooters

Hooters employees from Green Bay, Wisconsin. This was inspired by a conversation with another artist originally from Green Bay. We were discussing how the city was changing more and more with crappy chain restaurants and a monstrous WalMart gobbling up our nostalgic views of our hometown. We agreed the worst of it was when Hooters moved onto Holmgren Avenue. The girl on the right is the HGM (Hooter Girl of the Month). The girl on the left is not.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Stinky yet Smelly

This guy wanted to sit next to me at the cafe a while back. He stormed into the place, loudly breathing and demanding "Two coffees! Extra, extra hot!" He carried with him a cloud of stink and moistness that can only experienced first-hand. But on the positive side, he was very friendly. Too bad that I "had to get going and he could have the table."

Friday, January 20, 2006

Moon Monkey Goblin King

I've been having trouble sleeping lately. It's probably because of these stupid nocturnal monsters that keep waking me up.

Last night, I awoke to hear ominious scratching at my bedroom window. Luckily I always wear my camera around my neck when I go to bed, so I was able to snap this shot as I opened the curtains. It's obviously some sort of woodland imp who is lost/trying to eat me.

I have a hunch that this visit is connected to the other creature that's been hoopin and hollerin late at night. I'll keep you updated. I'm installing motion sensor cameras and bait in the backyard.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Giant Python- Eats Alligator, Explodes

Why wasn't I notified of this earlier?

I just found this awesome story on the world wide internet. Back in October of 2005, some Florida Everglade rangers came upon the gruesome site of a giant python that exploded while trying to eat a six foot long alligator. This happened in Florida- not the Amazon or Africa.

Can you imagine the battle royale that must have taken place previous to the swallowing? Can you? I guess the alligator got the last laugh. What was going through that snake's head- "So full... feel like I'm going to burst..."

The rangers couldn't find the poor bastard's head either.

Read the sweet article from the Miami Herald.

Sunday, January 08, 2006


This delightfully smashing couple was sitting next to us while we were having a drink (and using a web hookup) at a posh inn in the country. Very stiff upper lip Brits that would barely talk (or move) except for a few sentences peppered here and there. They made for perfect "still life" objects. The tomato juice conversation actually happened and I wrote it down in its entirety. I had a distinct feeling that the husband would have liked to be anywhere else in the world.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Boogie Man

Today is my brother, Joels' birthday and I wanted to honor him by posting one of my drawings from Field Guide to Midwest Monsters based on him. It is of the Boogey Man- one of the many childhood demons that my brother was certain that was lurking in his closet. He had that exact nightlight as well. Happy Birthday bud!

A Field Guide to Midwest Monsters

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The People Underground

Most Londoners dread it, but I think the deep, dark Tube is full of interesting looking people (oddly shaped freaks) for me to carefully, carefully observe and copy into my sketchbook. Here's a collage of a few quick sketches over the last coupla weeks. I think I'll blow out the proportions a little more on the next batch- I've just been a little frightened that one of the underground dwellers will spot me eyeing them up and pummel my soft sensitive face.