Monday, February 27, 2006

Bigfoot in Britian?

** Please note- The drawing on the left is an old gross drawing I did many years ago of Bigfoot. I'll see if I can whip up a proper British Bigfoot this week.

Sorry about the lack of posts lately- been busy juggling three jobs at once, plus celebrating my birfday. Hopefully in the coming weeks I'll be able to post more artwork as I finish it.

Now some news from "upnort" (as they say in Wisconsin, translation- "north"). Apparently there's been a few Bigfoot sightings recently in an area called Cannock Chase, right here in England. Here's the news story off of one of my favorite blogs,Cryptomundo. The site is dedicated "to share, read, see, and learn about the finds and evidence of the most elusive and rare animals (cryptids) on this planet Earth- Bigfoot, Yeti, Chupacabra, Ivory Billed Woodpecker, Nessie, Yowie, and more."

British Bigfoot Story

Why the Bigfoot sightings now in Britian? Maybe he's here visiting his friend up in Loch Ness....

Friday, February 17, 2006

The C Word

Yes, that "C" word. The big kahuna of filthy words.

I've never heard it repeated so often in one place at one time. Where was this magical place, you ask? It was at my very first English football match last Saturday. The match was specifically Millwall vs. the Queen Park Rangers. If you don't know anything about football in the UK (like me), Millwall fans are the most hated and despised throughout the league. They are the ones that live up to the name "hooligans".

Luckily I was on their side. My friend, Andy (a lifelong Millwall fan) brought me along and taught me the ropes. A few big fights kicked off which brought in the near 300 cops in riot gear. Before the game even started, I was caught in the middle of two police horses. I thought I was gonna get thumped or at least acquire a hoof print on my forehead.

I escaped unscathed and definitely go to another football match sometime.

Thanks and apologies to Battman.

Here are some pics from the game.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Shark Barf

Shark Barf. Something I never want to be.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Three Monster Fish Tales

1. Giant Mekong Catfish
- caught in May of 2005 in Thailand, largest recorded fresh water fish
- 9 feet long, 646 pounds

2. Massive Tiger Shark
- caught in July of 2005 off of Martha's Vineyard
- 1100 pounds

3. Large Fish n' Chips (Yorkshire style)
- eaten by me at Superfish in Surrey, UK, January 2006
- approximately 4 lbs, 20-25 minutes to consume, longer to digest
- I choose not to attempt to eat the "Moby Dick" size portion