Friday, February 17, 2006

The C Word

Yes, that "C" word. The big kahuna of filthy words.

I've never heard it repeated so often in one place at one time. Where was this magical place, you ask? It was at my very first English football match last Saturday. The match was specifically Millwall vs. the Queen Park Rangers. If you don't know anything about football in the UK (like me), Millwall fans are the most hated and despised throughout the league. They are the ones that live up to the name "hooligans".

Luckily I was on their side. My friend, Andy (a lifelong Millwall fan) brought me along and taught me the ropes. A few big fights kicked off which brought in the near 300 cops in riot gear. Before the game even started, I was caught in the middle of two police horses. I thought I was gonna get thumped or at least acquire a hoof print on my forehead.

I escaped unscathed and definitely go to another football match sometime.

Thanks and apologies to Battman.

Here are some pics from the game.