Monday, April 09, 2012

Pocket God- The Perfect Swarm

"The Perfect Swarm"

Here's a new poster I've illustrated for the popular "Pocket God" iOS game. This episode is titled "The Perfect Swarm" and is a 2012 Apocalypse themed update. More from the Bolt Creative blog-

Episode 44 introduces a new room inside the temple’s Chamber of Time, and it’s truly yucky and weird! Once you go inside, an enormously disgusting Locust Queen awaits who can birth to a swarm of locusts, as long as she is given sustenance. And you probably know what that food is.

 With this episode, there's also a cool Mondo expansion pack to decorate your islands in nerdy fashion- designed by friend and awesome illustrator Josh Ellingson. Read more about the update at Bolt Creative's website.

Bolt Creative also asked if I had any ideas for Pygmy locust related deaths.  
Here's my two death concepts- both are in the game-

Poster Design thumbnails-
Locust Queen Final Design Pencils-

Locust Queen In-game Concepts-

 "The Perfect Swarm" trailer-