Friday, September 17, 2010

World's Worst Wedgie

World's Worst Wedgie, Book 3 of the George Brown, Class Clown book series I'm illustrating is out now! It's my favorite of the series so far- full of slimy worms, a backyard circus, mischievous hamsters and a mega embarrassing/painful wedgie! I forgot to mention in the last post that the George Brown books are hilariously written by Nancy Krulik, author of the popular of Katie Kazoo series.

Check out the George Brown Website for more book info and to send a Super Burp to your friends!


In his continuing but mainly disastrous efforts to be an upstanding, responsible ten-year-old, George Brown decides it's time to earn some money. (There's also an expensive remote-controlled toy that he's been coveting.) But no matter what he tries whether it's working at his mother's craft shop, opening a lemonade stand, or setting up a backyard circus for neighborhood kids the magic burps erupt at exactly the wrong times and wreak havoc on George's entrepreneurial plans.

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