Thursday, April 09, 2009


I've been recently hired to do a series of character designs and illustrations for Denmark -based, Wooha!

Wooha! is a new kind of media company offering people advertisements on your phone- but only for brands you are interested in! No spam, no annoying commercials, AND you get paid for every one you receive. You can keep the money or you can donate it to charity!

You can see my illustrations here-


I've also animated the Wooha character for their first TV ad-

Buy your fitness cow today!

Translation- The first part of the commercial is a fake, annoying advertisement for Fitness Cow. It is interrupted by our man hammering down a sign saying "NO RIDICULOUS ADS". He then pulls out his friendly phone which pays him for receiving an ad he wants to see!

Commercial Produced by
Sweet Creative of Copenhagen DK