Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Con Men

Myself and Jason Felix pose with topless female fan.

A whole month without an update! What a shite blog this is.

I've just returned to London after an extremely fun yet exhausting trip through the good ol' US of A. I spent two weeks in my motherland of cheese and bratwurst, Wisconsin. It was relaxing to catch up with family In Green Bay and ol' buds in Madison. From there the Blecha clan invaded NYC for my brother's wedding. It was a gorgeous reception on the "shore" of Brooklyn overlooking the Manhattan skyline. I was bestest man and I was very palm-sweatingly, pooping-my-pants nervous for my speech. I think it went OK- at least there's nothing online to say otherwise.

After a hellish night spent in JFK airport and a 3 hour bus ride from LA, I arrived at San Diego for Comic Con 2006. It was another stellar year there. Never before has so much inspiring work, stimulating artists, sensory overloading booths and slathering nerdgeeks been concentrated at one place and one time.

My good friend and collaborator, Jason Felix and I shared a booth in Artist Alley. We were selling our book, A Field Guide to Midwest Monsters to the swollen masses. We had a great time chatting with people and selling out of the batch that we brought down there. There is some possibly some big news for us up ahead but I'll wait to share when things are finalized a little more.

Thanks to all the people that picked up our book and to all the artists I that inspired me in turn.

You can see my small collection of Comic Con (and the following week in SF) photos HERE.