Monday, March 17, 2008

Website Redesign!

I've spent the last week or so updating my dusty, crusty, moldy, out-of-date website. I've given it a complete redesign and added a lot of new work. Sadly ol' MonsterSquid has been buried for now, but he may crawl his way out of his shallow grave in the distant future.

Check it out HERE!

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!


Mr Sneeze said...

Dude, it looks fab. VERY professional, varied, fun, well laid out, well said, well organised. I have to look at a lot of websites at work, for everyone from photographers and illustrators to fashion houses, music labels etc and YOURS looks spot on. A scary well done!

Alex Pitkin said...

Great new site Aaron! I love it. Really nicely done.

So you're a web designer as well now eh?! And there's me thinking you just drew awesome characters!

I second MrSneeze's points; much better than A LOT of other people's sites. Now I'm off to watch more Happy Tree Friends!


Allan Dye said...

The new site and updated portfolio is awesome. It makes all your work easily accessible! love the big page of characters. i'm going to copy that idea sometime!

Alex said...

hey aaron,

nice layout and awesome styles!
do you preload the whole flashsite before showing? if so, try dividing up your site's categories in different swfs. that way, one can access faster and get where one want more fast.

other than that: great work!

BLECHA! said...

hey guys

thanks a buttload for all the comments.

alex- i might try breaking up the swfs into individual pages. you're right- it's quicker to load and easier to link to!

archivedmusicpress said...

Great site. The video for the Danish band is exceptional.