Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Now with Purple Earlobes!

"They're always after me Mucky Blarms!"

Here's an illustration I did for an upcoming art book titled "Cereal Killers". It's being put together by Von Kreep over at 1313 Midnite Kreepshow. Each artist could pick a type of cereal and make it gross, scary, disgusting, etc. I'm looking forward to seeing the completed book- there's a ton of super talented artists contributing.

It's my vilified version of Lucky Charms. Instead of a bubbly leprechaun, I made a flesh eating zombified ghoul. Now with Purple Earlobes! Yum!

"Frosted Mucky Blarms, they're tragically malicious!"

Side Note- As a kid my favorite cereal was actual Crispix and Corn Chex, but both are a little boring and difficult to Kreepify!

Here's an early rough sketch of Mucky-